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"I'm loving my online classes but missing the camaraderie... I'm actually making a lot more progress with my dance at home than I do when I attend classes. I think because I'm more consistent and don't forget what I've learned between long absences from class..." Wendy Sattler Kassler, Kitsap Peninsula, WA

"I take classes locally, but am finding the online classes are great for review, and especially for zill practice!" Maria Spratford, Dayton Ohio

"ATS Virtual Studio is exactly what I need. Thank you." Jaya Shakti, Brazil

"Have only worked through two Classes so far but really enjoying being part of the class and seeing the teacher from behind as well as in the mirror. I love ATS Improv but could only get classes in Gypsy Caravan so now I have both worlds . . . " Shelley Dawson, Hamilton New Zealand

 "I teach and direct my troupe Kamala Chaand. I formerly directed Mystic Caravan until my move in August.
Like Heidi, I like this as a tool for other ways to teach and to see what other teachers are up to in their classes :-) Thanks." Tasha Rose, Instructor and Director of Kamala Chaand, Minneapolis, MN

"Sadlly there aren't any ATS classes available in Switzerland, so I am really really happy that i have now the possibility to attend the online classes and not only workshops which are only available each six months or so. I wish you all some happy hips :-)" Natascha Ratzlaff-Dehner, Switzerland

"Just wanted to stop by and say thank you, thank you, thank you! I just enrolled in the virtual classes a few days ago and I'm loving them! I was a little unsure of how much I could really get out of an online class but- Wow! Next best thing to being in a real live class. I'm currently taking an Egyptian cabaret class with an awesome teacher but ATS is much more in line with my personal aesthetic. There aren't any ATS instructors anywhere close to where I live. I already drive an hour and 15 minutes to get to my Egyptian class. Again, thank you." Julia Grammer, Ashford, WA

"...7 years of dancing...Your classes are just fantastic - as a fellow teacher I really appreciate the attention you give to breaking down the movements and focusing on practicing each one instead of just blasting through them. I love the fact that you're filming a class of students too - I think their questions will really help out others who might have the same queries. I'm at that awkward point where, as a teacher, I'm picky in what I choose to study. I've taken other online classes with other "big name" instructors and I have to say that hands down for the price and for what it looks like you will offer you have a fantastic gift to give. Thank you so much for doing this." ~ Misha (Florida), Performer/Instructor

"I just took the first class! And I really could not be more impressed and satisfied! What an idea! And it really works!" ~Jerikaye (Louisiana) Trybe Habibi Bizarre

"I finally had time to do a lesson - just finished the first one. AWESOME! I'm so excited about this! I'm a beginning Level 3 and let me tell you how amazing it is to go back and revisit the basics. I was awakening muscles that I use for the basic moves but don't drill with anymore like I used to. This was an incredible workout and you make it so much fun. I just learned the basic box step with you, first time.." ~E, Phase 3 Student (Pennsylvania)  
"The virtual studio has been so helpful to me...as an instructor and a continuous student! Thank you so much!" Tamara Babun, Instructor Westport Dance Center, Conneticut
"I am approaching the ATS Virtual Studio from a teachers perspective. I believe it helps to keep teaching ATS consistant, as well as provides insight to different approaches to aid in the instruction/breaking down of movement etc. I have studied FCBD ATS since 2004 and next month I will be TT2 and will be applying for Sister Studio status. Wish me luck!" Heidi Capps-Hayden, Urvashi Dance Company, Radcliff, Kentucky