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"I had been a student of bellydance for several years before I discovered skin deep dance. After my first lesson I knew I found not just a studio, but a community of wonderful and supportive dancers. Katrina is an excellent teacher. Her instruction is clear. She makes classes fun and most importantly, for me, is she has an excellent eye and she gently corrects my moves. I give skin deep two snaps and a shimmy!"
~Petra D, Student

"Here’s a few of the many reasons why I like to take classes at Skin Deep; This style of dance is more grounded, you’re always dancing in a group which is fun; you can go at your own pace and Katrina will teach you the finer details of your moves depending on your level; dance socials outside of class; You get to learn about the other Tribal events in the area and outside; her students are great; yoga. Oh yeah, very important. The music! I like the music in class. If we can dance to it well, we play it." ~Leah E., student

"Skin Deep wins hands down! Katrina is amazing & she's a joy to learn from. doesn't take herself too seriously AND keeps on task.great music too!!" ~Danushka, Student

"Katrina, Thanks for normalizing the experience of learning this new thing as being hard.... I will keep practicing. I think you are a good teacher, warm and fun but also seeing that we use our time very efficiently in class."  ~Janel, student

"Katrina is a fantastic instructor. Her studio is clean, warm, inviting and the perfect place to learn/teach. I have taken workshops and classes from her and various other instructors at her studio. I have also/am also teaching/taught there for the past three years.Working here and taking classes here are enriching, engaging and attitude free!" ~ J9 Fierce, Professional Dancer

"When I came to Skin Deep back in January, I was stepping into something new and wonderful. I had no dance experience and I was putting myself out there in a way that was very frightening for me. However, Katrina, Caryn, and the rest of women involved in the classes made me feel welcome and at home. This journey down the road of belly dance has been a fun and rewarding one and the journey is far from over. Thank you. It's been an amazing five months and I see myself dancing and learning from these ladies at Skin Deep for a long time to come. "                                     ~Amber Clark, student

" I have to tell you about yesterday. I was having a really-nasty-just-returned-from-vacation-got-nothing-done-at-work day. I didn't want to leave home in the evening so much I was actually wishing for traffic to be horrible enough that I wouldn't make it to class. I was even a grouch through warmups.
As soon as we started to dance...all became right with the world. It was quite amazing." ~Eugenia S, Student

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